Premier Fitness Personal Training – Orange County Personal Training

January 10th, 2011

With Premier Fitness, Personal Training Is the Most Effective Way to Get Fit

At Premier Fitness, personal training is a specialty. This means the client gets down to business when working out at its state-of-the-art facilities. No gimmicks or marketing small talk. Premier Fitness delivers results by designing a program that actually brings the client to a higher level of physical fitness.

The center’s personal trainers are highly adept at what they do and they customize each program for every client. The health club understands that personal training may be the most effective way for a person to achieve his fitness goals.

The focus of Premier Fitness is personal training in a one-on-one format.

Certified personal trainers are more than just experienced fitness buffs. They’re well educated in the field as well. Newcomers to fitness tend to focus on a few muscle groups leaving weaknesses in other, equally important but less obvious muscles. Trainers provide holistic exercise sets that train all muscle groups in the body.

In addition, personal trainers also serve as personal motivators. They are usually energetic, disciplined and well-motivated themselves.


Premier Fitness – Personal Trainer

January 8th, 2011

Premier Fitness: A Fully Equipped, Safe Workout Environment

Premier Fitness, a personal training gym found in the Orange County area, provides its members with a quality workout environment by combining complete, state-of-the-art equipment with safe, private, and fully-supervised workout spaces.

Each member has access to a number of training equipment in the gym. Clients can choose, based on their workout routines, among free weights, resistance machines, power stations, and cardio machines. All machines are of the highest caliber and goes through daily maintenance, ensuring each gym member that their exercises deliver optimum results. This also makes sure that each training machine is in good condition, which greatly lowers the risk of accidents. Premier Fitness‘ personal trainers will also be around to help any member in need, making sure that the gym is safe and that no harm comes upon any of them.

By providing a safe and fully equipped training environment, the gym ensures its members that they will be able to achieve their fitness goals and not worry about anything else.


Newport Beach Personal Trainer – OC Personal Training

December 25th, 2010

An Overview of the Fitness Plan of a Premier Fitness Newport Beach Personal Trainer

Premier Fitness’s Newport Beach personal trainer is highly knowledgeable about training plans that optimize a person’s physical fitness. A program would generally consist of cardiovascular work outs, strength training and proper nutrition.

Cardiovascular training is an important component of exercise because it enhances the body’s resistance and promotes numerous health benefits. Exercising releases endorphins that increase energy levels. Cardio workouts also promote better circulation, which improves distribution of nutrients to cells, allowing the body to function efficiently. Cardio exercises burn the most calories and promote weight loss.

Rapid metabolism brought about by cardio work outs can also weaken muscle tissue. This is why it is important to complement cardio exercises with strength training. Developed muscles not only make a person stronger, it also increases the basal metabolic rate. This means a person burns more calories even in an inactive state.

Diligent exercising loses its benefits and purpose with poor nutrition. To keep the weight off and to maintain health, exercise must be paired with a balanced and healthy diet. A Newport Beach personal trainer can educate a client about nutrition guidelines and healthy eating habits.


Orange County Personal Trainer – OC Fitness Training

December 8th, 2010

The Benefits of Getting an Orange County Trainer at Premier Fitness

Premier Fitness’s Orange County personal trainer can help you see and feel the results of your work out sooner. Here are some of the benefits you get with a personal training program.

Get that ease and confidence that your hard work is getting somewhere. Trainers are well-educated and knowledgeable about routines that optimize your body’s performance. They also know movements that challenge and train your body to increase its capacity.

You may come to the gym mentally and emotionally unprepared and yet you still get the work done. Trainers motivate you and they shuffle routines to eliminate monotony and predictability. You can leave the thinking to them while you focus on the execution.

The positions and movement that are taught to you ensure your safety. Trainers can easily spot awkward postures that may cause injury. The supervision of your Orange County personal trainer also ensures that you are fully targeting muscle groups a type of exercise is meant to strengthen.

If you are dedicated to achieving your fitness goals, investing in a personal training program is the most direct path.


Orange County Personal Trainer – OC Personal Training

November 7th, 2010

Premier Fitness Understands What an Orange County Personal Trainer Should Embody

At Premier Fitness in Orange County, the personal trainer understands that camaraderie, kinship and trust are important among the residents of this upscale county. This is why the trainers of Premier Fitness are not only competent and highly experienced, they are also personable and accommodating.

Each trainer will give you a reason to stay motivated and push harder, bringing you closer to your goal faster. While maintaining professionalism, the trainer will also keep you comfortable and trusting of him, to avoid distractions and for you to stay focused.

Apart from being appointed the center’s definitive Orange County personal trainer, clients get to work out in a spacious, warm, family-like health club, complete with top-of-the line equipment. Premier Fitness is not crowded unlike other centers, maximizing comfort and the time you spend at the gym. In enrolling, the client is sure to be greeted with friendly and courteous smiles in every visit. This Orange County health center has designed all its services tailored to the distinct preferences of its locals.